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HopeCity Youth

HopeCity Youth Ministry is for Grade 6-12 students and is modelled around a small group emphasis which we call Student Life Groups! We believe small group community allows students to build life-long friendships with others their age while navigating how to do life keeping a relationship with Jesus at the centre of it.


1 BIG NIGHT @ HopeCity

1 BIG NIGHT is a Youth Rally event happening once a month on Sunday evenings. 1 BIG NIGHT is an happenin’ place for our Student Life Groups to together in one room for exciting elements, giveaways, comedic moments, a youth focused worship set, dynamic Christ-centered message, & an after-party to wrap up! Visitors are always welcome.


Student Life Groups (Registration Required)

HopeCity Youth is centred around small group ministry. Our Student Life Groups are how we do it! These groups meet two Sundays a month (once in homes across the city and once at HopeCity). During this time, student's hangout, play games, and engage in Christ-centred conversation & community with others their age. We love to  see your student join a Life Group. 


Sunday Morning Youth Class

Youth Class takes place every Sunday morning for Grade 6-9 students. Youth students meet in the Youth section in the auditorium during Sunday service, staying for worship before exiting to Youth Class for a short game and teaching at their level.  



We’re all about hanging out and having fun as we follow Jesus. Firework shows, youth trips, special events, are all up our alley! View our youth calendar to stay in the loop. 


Is your student interested in checking out the HopeCity Youth Community? 

Smash that button below to view our schedule, sign-up for all sorts of stuff and learn more.

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